Psychological Center Dynamics: Sloth and Right Action Psychological Reactivity (or Passion): Sloth Higher capacity that is emotionalor Virtue): Appropriate Action Whenever a sort 9 has a biased emotional dynamic, they encounter an reactivity that is emotionalor Passion) called Sloth. In Sloth, the energy that is nine’s reactive and anger is neutralized through either conformity or opposition. The Nine disperses their power from their human body, often merging it with others. Whenever a sort 9 restores their emotional dynamic, they encounter a Higher psychological Capacity (or Virtue) called Appropriate Action . In Right Action, the Nine realizes how to act rightly, meant for life along with an abundance of power nevertheless available. This action that is right acting on the virtues. Instinctual Center & Subtypes Whenever some of the Enneagram kinds have problems with biased passion and psychological reactivity, they could either include or make up for the linked preoccupations through their subtypes. Personal Preservation (Self-Survival): Appetite Type 9s with a self-preservation subtype cope with emotional bias by expressing the craving for connection and belonging through an attachment to hobbies, chores, collections, and errands. Having lost touch they try to reconnect through indiscriminately craving these substitutes with themselves.